TVF Pitchers Season-2: Memorable Parts

After binge watching TVF Pitchers Season-2 for last 5 hours non-stop, here are some of the memorable parts (sorry, I would not like to give any gyan on the same).

  • “With your domination and our Innovation” – alliance of large offline player with online venture adds credibility and valuation to the online player.
  • “What brought you here won’t take you there.”
  • Chase the right North Star metrics. Not all metrics are equally important.
  • You will hear 1000 “No”s in your life. It is that single “Yes” that matters.
  • “Culture and passion” cannot be copied by competitors.
  • Unlike a MNC, in a startup the work does not end when the day ends rather the day ends when the work ends.
  • “Even Apple needs marketing”
  • Unicorn banne ke liye gadhe ko bhi ba.. bana padta hai. (On using Micro-Influencers).
  • Mentor (Bhatti)’s advice was good, but it was also not fool proof. Hope every founder has a Bhatti to look up to for advice.

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